Hermes Clic Clac H

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  • H bracelet size PM
  • Colour Pink
  • Hardware Gold
  • Bangle hinges so you don’t have to worry about getting the bangle over your hand
  • Sizing is more a matter of the size of your wrist.
  • This item is unisex.Excellent Pre-Owned Condition
  • Please be mindful that this is pre-owned piece in good condition. By purchasing this item you support sustainable fashion  and recycle for healthy environment and the planet.
  • The item is subject to availability.

HERMES WEBSITE SIZING GUIDE This bracelet opens and closes directly on the forearm like a cuff. Therefore, you only need to measure your wrist circumference when choosing your bracelet. A properly fitted watch strap can serve as your guide. However, you can also use a measuring tape. The chart below indicates which Hermès sizes correspond to measurements. PM- 6.2 inches GM- 7.1 inches

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