Sustainable Fashion

What's is the real meaning of "sustainable fashion?" Sustainability and ethics can apply to many different aspects of running a fashion organization, from the raw fibre  through to the functional purposes and ultimate disposal of an item.

The objective for sustainable fashion is  about benefiting  as the earth as people involved throughout the fashion supply chain , from farmers to consumers to everyone working in end-of-life facilities. In day to day life people may well not realise that fashion is one of the highest  pollutant  industries in the world.

From massive over farming and high usage of cancerous pesticides in the growth of the cotton to exorbitant levels  of chemicals used in the manufacturing process. This can have potentially disastrous effects on local water supplies and can potentially damage the soil for future use, cause the air pollution and from a global environmental perspective  this could become very problematical offering up major environmental challenges for the future.

So what can be done to improve things and what are the likely benefits? Importance of effective waste management is huge. We live in an age where people want to look good, feel good and demonstrate good lifestyle practices, however we are frequently guilty of evolving in the ever-growing ‘take, manufacture, and throw away’ goods market, and in an  extreme consumption, high level waste world.

Sustainable fashion should move away from the traditional, often non environmentally system of production, to a crystal clear approach focused on restorative, regular updated with globally approved  and revised methods to keep sustainability prolonged well into the future..

These process is about real effective sustainable fashion and their is a possible need for community to reposition their thought processes and align them along the above lines for this year, next year, and the next decade and beyond, to make a collective and worthwhile contribution to save our planet.

The benefits? More and more people are  becoming aware of the importance of environment management and that’s why each year more and more individuals are commencing the purchase of sustainable clothes and get engaged in process of re-using.

One of the easiest ways for the consumer to follow is, rather than throw used / pre-owned clothes and accessories away its far better to recycle it , so that it becomes possible to have further continued use by another person and thus extending its usable life and also benefiting the environment. This is easy to do and the benefits are considerable to all.

Sustainable fashion is  an industry that should be  beneficial to the earth and to each of us.