How do pre-orders work? A pre-order is an order placed for a wished item that is not on sale yet or is not listed on market, but might be sourced and obtained by the certain date or time.

Is full payment required for a pre-order? Full payment is not required, however a deposit is required in order to reserve an item.

What is a deposit amount? The deposit  amount payable is 5% of price of an item. The full payment has to be made prior delivery only.

How long is a waiting time to receive an item after placing an order? Usually it takes one to two weeks to receive an item.

Is deposit refundable? Yes, deposit is refundable if an item is not delivered to customer.

How to make a pre-order? Pre-order can be directly requested to the Customer Care, and our team in a short time will source the requested item with a matching price. Describe your requirements including brand name, model, size and colour.

Large customer base and connection to a privet luxury goods collectors provide us an opportunity to find any particular luxury brand bag in line with a budget or limited edition designer brands such as the iconic Hermes Birkin bag.

To speak with Customer Care, fill up the contact form, use the chat or send us an email at