Guide to Luxury Handbags Leather Types and it's Value.

Before purchasing Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton or another High-end  Handbag, get informed about what type of bag do you really want to choose.

Who says you have to be a celebrity to make heads turn? Do you like making a statement no matter where you go? All you need is the perfect ensemble!


Nothing completes an outfit of the day like a handbag! To some, it may just be an added accessory as they hustle through the day. In reality, the right purse can steal the show - make you look like a show stopper!


Besides, you deserve to spoil yourself with a leather handbag from the most luxurious global brands.


Why Are Luxury Leather Handbags Worth of Buying?


When you’re online browsing through the handbag collections from elite designer brands, don’t be afraid to think big! There is no match for the leather quality you get in a luxury handbag. So, why wouldn’t you want to invest in one?


High-end purses come with a deluxe price tag that carries higher value in the resale market. No matter what category of skin they are using, the top-tier brands always resource the best materials for their leather collections. So, you could be carrying the greatest investment of your life in your arms.


However, you need to know your leather before splurging on a high-end piece of accessory. Knowing the difference will help you decide on the perfect leather handbag for yourself.


Types of Leather of Luxury Handbags


Now that we have convinced you to come on board on getting a high-end bag, let’s introduce you to the types of leather that are widely used by high-end brands.


We’re also going to mention three of the supreme designers that have extraordinary leather goods - Hermes, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel. Some of these are all-time favourites and became classics over the years.



When a fashionista lands herself in the luxurious leather collection of Hermes, it’s easy to get confused about which one to get. We may be unable to explore all of their exotic leather bags today. However, their quality is unmatched and carries detailing that only fine craftsmanship can procure.


Barenia Natural Leather: For anyone who wants high-quality and smooth-textured leather, Hermes uses this unique calf leather. It gives their handbags an out-of-this-world tactile sensation due to the softness.


Hermes Epsom Leather: The regular 9-to-5 job direly calls for you to carry a light-weight yet durable handbag. Add luxury to your work with a handbag from the Epsom embossed leather collection. Compared to Barenia, this is the tougher boss.


Box Calf Leather: Hermes creates one of the most popularly purchased leather handbags from box calf leather. This line reeks of sophistication with its unique appeal.


Alligator Crocodile Leather: Are you looking for a limited-edition handbag? Let your collection take pride with a luxury piece made from Mississippi Alligators in a rare finish. Allow your tactile sensations to tickle with the scaly but premium leather.


Matte Poroscus Croc: The most expensive Hermes models are resourced with Matte Poroscus Croc. Made of genuine croc skin, which is rare to find, this range costs thousands.


Hermes resources its materials from authentic and exotic animals as lizard, and feather follicles for ostrich which are rare and hard to find which makes those pieces an extremely pricy and valuable for collectors.


Louis Vuitton


Louis Vuitton is one of the go-to Luxury Brands. Their classic LV pattern as Monogram, Damier Azur and Damier  stand out in any closet.


The most recognisable Vachetta leather is beige colour, but it is designed to age, the process called Patina, so it will go honey colour and the dark brown shade over the years while in use, which gives it own unique characteristics. Dark Vachetta is one of indicators when inspected for the authenticity of  Louis Vuitton bag.


It used in bags such as:


Alma , Galleria , Keepall , Neverfull , Noe , Palermo , Speedy to decorate top and bottom trim along with the handles and straps.



Apart from all of their famous canvas structures, they have the Monogram Empreinte Leather, a soft calfskin that allows LV’s designers to play with colours. They are heavier, sturdier but still feature a comfortable feel.


Another LV classic is the 1985 Epi leather - a unique, two-toned, tough skin that gives your outfit an edgy look. Of the two, this was formerly introduced as the initiation of LV’s leather line.




It’s no secret that Chanel is one of the most well recognised high-end  brands. Their luxurious range of innovative leather handbags can make you look like a classy Coco Chanel chick. Which of the following sounds like your choice of leather?


Lambskin: You can’t name one fashionable Chanel bag without picturing its lambskin leather on your mind. Their luxury handbags are made of premium quality soft skin, mainly designed for its stylish appeal.


Chanel Aged Calfskin: If you want your high-end bag to feel soft like the lambskin but give you more wear time, there is nothing second to its Crinkled/Aged Calfskin leather. This one is more solid structured and scratch-proof.


Goatskin Leather: The award for the most durable leather in Chanel’s unorthodox leather handbags goes to its goatskin collection. Although it promises heavy-duty quality, designers made sure that no softness is spared. Most durable of all other types.


Patent Leather: Who knew leather could be shiny and the best of quality? Chanel’s designers didn’t hold back from being bold with its party leather handbags. Although you can’t save stains from it, it’s a fun and unique take on leather.


Python Leather: Some animal skins age better over time than other types. And  the effect of python skin looks extraordinary on designer-approved lavish handbags.


Alligator Leather: No Chanel classic leather guide is complete without its exotic alligator handbags. The Chanel Boy Bag is so famous because it features a charming appeal along with a sturdy structure. These are some of the rarest gems in the market, as Chanel decided to ban the use of exotic animal skin altogether in 2018.


Chanel’s ingenious leather line highlights some of the most classy pieces. Some of those may be hard to resource, extract, and process. However, the quality is always spot-on, so the price tag is worth it.


Luxury Brands and Sustainability


Fashion will always keep rolling on, so why not look fabulous and still be cautious about our choices? That is why brands have started to advocate a sustainable way to create products in order to support our planet while also pulling off successful runway shows.


Louis Vuitton, Hermes, and Chanel all play the roles of upcycling from the best quality leather scraps, to give people sustainable options in products.


Luxury accessories and bags have an appeal about them that adds a touch of versatility to your daily wear or glam look, but more importantly, by upcycling and high-end handbags, we support the development of sustainable fashion, which priories ecological integrity and social justice.



Invest in Quality    


High-end brands produce the most luxurious valuable leather handbags. If you purchase on of that handbags, not only do you get a statement piece that lasts you decades, but you also become a conscious ethical buyer. So, what is holding you back?